Get Certified Argentine Birth Certificate - Easy Process

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What is it?

This service assists individuals in obtaining a certified copy of their birth certificate from Argentina. It caters to both Argentine nationals and foreigners who need to retrieve this essential document for legal, genealogical, or personal reasons. The process involves navigating Argentine civil registry requirements and ensuring that all necessary paperwork and protocols are adhered to for successful document retrieval.

Who needs it?

This service is ideal for expats, international genealogists, and anyone needing a certified birth certificate from Argentina. It is particularly beneficial for those who require this document for immigration, citizenship applications, legal name changes, or historical family research. Additionally, it supports individuals whose original birth certificates were lost or misplaced over time.


  1. Visit the official Argentine Civil Registry website or locate the nearest civil registry office.
  2. Fill out the birth certificate request form with accurate personal details of the individual whose certificate is being requested.
  3. Obtain and prepare the required identification documents.
  4. Submit the request form along with the necessary documents, either in-person or through designated online portals.
  5. Pay any applicable fees using accepted payment methods.
  6. Wait for the processing period, which can vary based on request volume and the method of submission.
  7. Receive the certified birth certificate through your chosen delivery method (in-person pick-up, postal mail, etc.).

Required documents

  • Signed Request Form - Obtainable from the Argentine Civil Registry website or office.
  • Valid Identification - Passport or national ID for both the requester and the individual named in the certificate.
  • Consent Authorization - If you’re requesting on behalf of someone else, a notarized letter of consent is needed.
  • Proof of Relationship - Documents that verify the relationship to the individual (e.g., marriage certificate, for spouses, or ID matching surnames and addresses for parents).

Providers that can do it for you

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Additional details

  • Processing times may vary from a few days to several weeks.
  • Fees can differ depending on the urgency of processing and delivery method selected.
  • International shipping options are available for delivery of the document outside Argentina.
  • Make sure to check the civil registry’s official site for the most up-to-date information on required documents and fees.


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