Disability Certificate in Argentina - Benefits and How to Obtain It

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What is it?

The Disability Certificate (Certificado Único de Discapacidad - CUD) in Argentina is an official document that provides individuals with disabilities access to a range of benefits, including healthcare, transportation, and employment assistance. This certificate ensures that the needs and rights of people with disabilities are recognized and met by various public and private institutions.

Who needs it?

The ideal customers for the Disability Certificate are individuals with physical, mental, intellectual, or sensorial disabilities that impede their full and effective participation in society on an equal basis with others. Family members or caregivers of individuals with disabilities may also seek this certificate to secure necessary benefits and support. Medical practitioners or social workers aiding disabled individuals can also benefit from understanding this process.


  1. Obtain a medical diagnosis from a certified healthcare practitioner indicating the type and extent of disability.
  2. Collect all necessary personal and medical documents.
  3. Schedule an appointment at the National Disability Agency (Agencia Nacional de Discapacidad).
  4. Attend the evaluation and submit your application with the required documents.
  5. Wait for the assessment period, in which your application will be reviewed.
  6. Receive notification of approval or rejection. If approved, collect your Disability Certificate.

Required documents

  • Medical report from a certified healthcare practitioner (can be obtained from personal doctor or public health facility).
  • Medical history summary, including past treatments and diagnoses.
  • National Identity Document (DNI) or equivalent identification (available at Registro Nacional de las Personas).
  • Proof of residence (could be a utility bill or rental agreement).
  • Any additional tests or assessments requested by the National Disability Agency.

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Additional details

  • The certificate grants access to specialized health services and medicinal benefits.
  • Holders may be eligible for public transportation discounts or free travel.
  • Additional assistance may be provided for education and workplace accommodations.
  • The certificate needs to be renewed periodically, as specified during the issuance.


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