Effortless Electric Service Deregistration in Argentina

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What is it?

Electric service deregistration in Argentina refers to the process of officially terminating your utility service contract, ensuring that you are no longer billed for electricity you no longer need. This service is crucial for those moving out of a property or switching to another utility company.

Who needs it?

Ideal customers for this service include residents who are relocating, property managers handling tenant transitions, and individuals switching electric service providers. This service is also critical for families handling estate matters after a relative’s death, ensuring they are not billed for unused services.


  1. Contact your electric service provider to inform them of your intent to deregister the service.
  2. Complete and submit a deregistration form, either online or in-person.
  3. Provide required documentation including identification and proof of contract termination.
  4. Wait for confirmation from the provider that the service has been deregistered.
  5. Ensure you receive and review the final bill for any outstanding charges.

Required documents

  • Identification (e.g., DNI, passport)
  • Proof of residence (e.g., utility bill, rental agreement)
  • Contract termination proof (e.g., termination letter from landlord)
  • Death certificate (if deregistering on behalf of a deceased individual)

Providers that can do it for you

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Additional details

  • It’s advisable to start the deregistration process at least two weeks before the desired end date.
  • Some service providers may require a final meter reading.
  • Ensure all outstanding bills are paid to avoid service complications.
  • You may need to return any rented equipment to the service provider.


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