Finance Online: Austria's Convenient Tax Filing Platform

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What is it?

Finance Online is a government-provided online platform in Austria, which allows residents to take care of their tax filings quickly and conveniently.

Who needs it?

This platform can be beneficial for all residents of Austria who need to file tax returns.


  1. Go to the FinanzOnline website.
  2. Click on “Register” and then select “Private Individual” if using for personal finances.
  3. Enter your personal information such as your first and last name, date of birth and social insurance number.
  4. Set up a personal user identification and password. Be sure to remember these for future logins.
  5. You’ll then have to provide an email address where you’ll receive a TAN-code for activation.
  6. Go your email then input the received TAN-code back on the FinanzOnline portal to finalize your registration.

Required Documents

  • Social insurance number: This can be found on any official social security documents you have received.
  • Personal identification: Passport or National ID.

Providers that can do it for you

(We are currently curating the best providers. If you are or know a provider, please contact us or edit the page directly)


Additional details

It’s important to note that the website and its services are only in German. A good understanding of the German language is required to file your taxes correctly. Google Translate may be helpful in this case, but professional multilingual tax assistance could also be considered if you’re not confident in your German language skills. Safety is a priority for the Finance Online platform. Therefore, they might require additional confirmation of your identity through technologies like “Handy-Signatur” or ID Austria certificate. They also have detailed guides that can help users navigate the platform and learn how to fill out the forms necessary.


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