How to Obtain a Disability Certificate in Bolivia: Step-by-Step Guide

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What is it?

The Disability Certificate in Bolivia is an official document that attests to a person’s disability. It is issued by authorized medical professionals and allows individuals to access various governmental and non-governmental benefits and services tailored to their needs.

Who needs it?

The Disability Certificate is essential for individuals with disabilities in Bolivia who seek to access healthcare services, educational accommodations, employment benefits, and social support programs. It is also useful for family members and caregivers of disabled persons.


  1. Visit a licensed medical professional for an evaluation.
  2. Obtain a referral from the medical professional to a certified disability assessment center.
  3. Submit the required documentation to the assessment center.
  4. Undergo the assessment process as directed by the center.
  5. Receive the Disability Certificate upon successful evaluation.
  6. Use the certificate to access various benefits and services.

Required documents

  • Valid ID (can be a passport or an identity card): Obtain it from local government offices.
  • Medical Records: Gather relevant documents from your healthcare provider.
  • Proof of Residency: Utility bills or rental agreements can serve as proof.
  • Referral Letter: Acquire this from the licensed medical professional who evaluates your condition.

Providers that can do it for you

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Additional details

  • The process may take several weeks, so plan accordingly.
  • Make sure to keep copies of all submitted documents.
  • If your application is denied, you can appeal the decision through local health authorities.


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