Power of Attorney in Bolivia: Legal Guidance for Expats

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What is it?

A Power of Attorney (PoA) Certificate in Bolivia is a legal document that allows you to appoint someone to act on your behalf for various legal or personal matters. This authorization can cover financial decisions, property transactions, or other specific tasks as detailed in the document.

Who needs it?

This service is ideal for expatriates, business owners, or individuals residing outside Bolivia who need a trusted representative to handle legal, financial, or property-related matters in the country. It is also beneficial for those with limited mobility or who cannot be physically present to execute necessary actions.


  1. Consult with a legal expert in Bolivia to define the scope and specifics of the Power of Attorney.
  2. Gather all required documents (see list below).
  3. Draft the Power of Attorney document with the assistance of a legal professional.
  4. Notarize the document at a local notary office in Bolivia.
  5. Register the notarized document with the appropriate government office for official recognition.
  6. Provide a copy of the registered PoA to all relevant parties and institutions.

Required documents

  • Valid Passport: Obtain from your country’s passport office.
  • Identification: National ID or driver’s license.
  • Proof of Address: Utility bill, rental agreement or similar documents.
  • Legal Representation Agreement: A document detailing the nature of the legal representation.
  • Affidavit: A sworn statement of the intent and specifics of the Power of Attorney.

Providers that can do it for you

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Additional details

  • Ensure the document includes detailed and clear authorizations to avoid any misuse.
  • Review and comply with local Bolivian laws regarding the validity and enforcement of Power of Attorney documents.
  • Consult multiple legal professionals to compare advice and services offered.


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