How to Obtain Your Brazilian Military Service Certificate

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What is it?

The Military Service Certificate (Certificado de Alistamento Militar or CAM) is an official document required for various legal and administrative purposes in Brazil. It verifies that a Brazilian citizen has fulfilled their military service obligations, which is obligatory for all men aged 18-45 unless exempted. The certificate is essential for obtaining passports, enrolling in higher education, and employment in certain jobs.

Who needs it?

The Military Service Certificate is necessary for Brazilian men aged 18-45. Individuals planning to travel abroad, pursue higher education, or apply for specific jobs requiring proof of military service need the certificate. Additionally, Brazilian-American citizens or dual nationals might require this document when dealing with governmental processes in Brazil.


  1. Visit the nearest Junta de Serviço Militar (Military Service Board).
  2. Complete the registration form and any additional paperwork provided by the board.
  3. Submit the required documents including your ID and proof of residence.
  4. If you are a Brazilian-American dual national, present your Brazilian birth certificate.
  5. Await approval, which might include an interview or medical examination.
  6. Once approved, you will be issued the Military Service Certificate.

Required documents

  • Brazilian ID card (RG or CNH)
  • Proof of residence showing domicile in Brazil
  • Birth certificate for Brazilian citizens born abroad
  • To obtain these documents, visit relevant local government offices such as the Cartório (for birth certificates) or DETRAN (for CNH).

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Additional details

  • The obligatory military service applies to all men at the age of 18.
  • Exemptions or deferments are possible but must be justified and approved by military authorities.
  • Dual nationals living outside Brazil may still need to present a Military Service Certificate for certain legal procedures.


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