Guide to Obtaining a Disability Certificate in Chile

Table of Contents


What is it?

The Disability Certificate in Chile is an official document provided by the government that recognizes and certifies an individual’s disability. This certification is essential for accessing various benefits, support services, and legal protections designed to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities.

Who needs it?

This service is crucial for any resident of Chile who has a documented disability and requires formal recognition to access necessary medical, social, and legal support. This includes individuals with physical, sensory, intellectual, or psychiatric disabilities, as well as those looking to benefit from employment accommodations and educational support programs.


  1. Gather all necessary medical documentation detailing the disability from licensed healthcare providers.
  2. Visit your local health authority (Servicio de Salud) and submit the paperwork.
  3. Undergo a medical evaluation scheduled by the health authority to confirm the disability.
  4. Upon successful evaluation, the health authority will issue the Disability Certificate.
  5. Utilize the certificate to apply for benefits and services at relevant governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Required documents

  • Medical reports detailing the disability.
  • Identification documents (e.g., Chilean ID card or passport).
  • Application form from the local health authority.
  • Any additional tests or evaluations required by the health authority.

Providers that can do it for you

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Additional details

  • Some people have deceptive practices around disability certification, particularly in spaces like Disney World.
  • There is no international certification for assistance dogs recognized, meaning each country has its own requirements.
  • Personal experiences and stories from individuals with disabilities can provide insightful guidance during the process.


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