Document Authenticity Certificate in Chile: Full Guide

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What is it?

A Document Authenticity Certificate in Chile is an official certification that validates the genuineness of documents for use within and outside the country. This service ensures documents meet the legal standards for authenticity, often required for educational, professional, or legal purposes abroad.

Who needs it?

Ideal customers for this service include individuals pursuing higher education abroad, professionals seeking international employment, expatriates needing verified documents for legal procedures, and anyone requiring official document recognition for travel, study, or work in foreign countries.


  1. Gather the original document(s) that need authentication.
  2. Contact or visit the relevant Chilean authority (such as a notary or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) to initiate the authentication process.
  3. Submit the original documents and any required forms or applications.
  4. Pay any requisite fees associated with the certification process.
  5. Await processing of your documents, which may involve verification and possible translations.
  6. Collect your authenticated documents once notified of completion.

Required documents

  • Original document(s): Birth certificates, educational transcripts, etc.
  • Valid ID: Passport or national identification card
  • Application form: Obtain from relevant Chilean authority
  • Proof of payment: Payment receipt for certification fees

Providers that can do it for you

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Additional details

  • Processing time may vary; verify specific timelines with the relevant authority.
  • Translation services might be required if documents are not in Spanish.
  • Document lamination could impede authenticity validation, avoid laminating important documents.


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