Guide to Obtaining a Driving License in Chile: Steps and Tips

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What is it?

Obtaining a driving license in Chile allows individuals to legally drive within the country. This service includes a detailed guide on the application process, a list of required documents, and insights into potential challenges you might face.

Who needs it?

This service is ideal for individuals residing in Chile who need a driving license, whether they are new drivers, foreigners looking to get a local license, or residents needing to renew or upgrade their existing license. It is also useful for tourists planning to drive in Chile and seeking to understand the local requirements.


  1. Register online on the official Chilean driving license portal.
  2. Prepare and gather all required documents.
  3. Book an appointment at your local municipal office.
  4. Complete the theoretical test to assess your knowledge of road rules.
  5. Pass the practical driving test to demonstrate your driving skills.
  6. Wait for the processing of your license, which involves background and medical checks.
  7. Receive your driving license by mail or collect it in person from the municipal office.

Required documents

  • Proof of identity (Passport or Chilean ID)
  • Proof of residence (Utility bill, lease agreement, etc.)
  • Certificate of completion from an accredited driving school
  • Medical certificate (available from licensed medical professionals)
  • Appointment confirmation receipt

Providers that can do it for you

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Additional details

  • Different municipalities in Chile have varying levels of difficulty when it comes to driving tests. It’s advised to research and possibly choose a municipality known for a fair testing process.
  • If you are planning to drive across the border to neighboring countries like Argentina, you need an additional rental car permit which can be obtained from the rental company.
  • Foreigners are advised to check if their home country’s driving license can be directly converted, or if additional tests are required.
  • Renewal of a Chilean driving license from abroad involves contacting the nearest Chilean consulate.


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