Chile Health System Registration - Easy Steps Guide

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What is it?

The Chile Health System Registration service is designed to facilitate the process of enrolling individuals into the Chilean healthcare system. This registration is essential for accessing public healthcare services, ensuring that all residents and expatriates receive the necessary medical attention and benefits. It involves completing a series of formalities and submitting required documents to the relevant health authorities.

Who needs it?

The Chile Health System Registration service is ideal for expatriates, new residents, and citizens who are not yet registered in the national health system. This includes international workers, students, retirees, and anyone relocating to Chile for an extended period. Essentially, it is for anyone who needs access to public healthcare services and aims to navigate the Chilean healthcare system efficiently.


  1. Gather all required documents, including a valid passport and proof of residence.
  2. Visit the local health authority or municipal office in your area.
  3. Submit the application form provided by the health authority.
  4. Provide copies of all required documents for verification.
  5. Receive your health registration number and official confirmation of your registration.
  6. Use your registration details to access public healthcare services as needed.

Required documents

  • Valid Passport - Issued by your home country.
  • Proof of Residence - Rental agreement or utility bill showing your address in Chile.
  • Application Form - Provided by the local health authority.
  • Additional Identification - National ID or driver’s license for identity verification.

Providers that can do it for you

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Additional details

  • Make sure all documents are in Spanish or translated by an official translator.
  • Check the specific requirements at your local health authority as they might have additional criteria.
  • Registration is mandatory to receive public health benefits and services in Chile.
  • For expatriates, it’s recommended to also have private health insurance for comprehensive coverage.


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