Renew and Obtain Your Identity Card in Chile Easily

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What is it?

The Chilean Identity Card, also known as ‘Cédula de Identidad,’ is an official identification document issued by the Civil Registry and Identification Service. It’s essential for various activities such as voting, banking, and accessing government services.

Who needs it?

This service is crucial for all Chilean citizens and residents. Whether you are a first-time applicant, need a renewal, or have lost your current ID, obtaining or updating your identity card is necessary to ensure you have valid identification for legal and daily activities.


  1. Schedule an appointment online through the Civil Registry and Identification Service website.
  2. Gather the required documents, including proof of identity and residency.
  3. Visit the designated Civil Registry office on your appointment date.
  4. Submit your application and documents to the registry officer.
  5. Pay the applicable fee for the identity card issuance or renewal.
  6. Wait for the processing period, which typically takes a few weeks.
  7. Pick up your new Identity Card from the Civil Registry office or have it delivered to your address.

Required documents

  • Birth Certificate: Obtainable from the Civil Registry or online.
  • Proof of residence: Utility bills or rental agreement.
  • Old Identity Card (if applicable): Needed for renewals.
  • Passport-sized photos: These might be taken at the Civil Registry.

Providers that can do it for you

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Additional details

  • Emergency renewals are available for urgent cases; contact the Civil Registry for more details.
  • Lost Identity Cards should be reported immediately to avoid potential misuse.
  • The Identity Card contains a chip with personal data and biometric information for added security.
  • Fees for the Identity Card issuance or renewal vary depending on age and the type of application.


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