Get Your Military Status Certificate in Chile Easily

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What is it?

A Military Status Certificate in Chile is an official document that certifies an individual’s compliance or exempt status regarding mandatory military service. This certificate is often required for various legal procedures, employment, and travel purposes.

Who needs it?

Ideal for all Chilean citizens, particularly males aged 18 and older, who need to prove their compliance with national conscription laws. It’s also essential for those seeking employment, applying for government benefits, or traveling abroad. Women may need it in specific situations like applying for certain jobs or scholarships.


  1. Visit the Dirección General de Movilización Nacional (DGMN) website.
  2. Locate the section for ‘Situación Militar’ (Military Status).
  3. Complete the online application form with your personal details.
  4. Submit the required documents via the online portal or in person.
  5. Pay any applicable fees, if required.
  6. Wait for processing and verification, which may take several days to weeks.
  7. Receive your Military Status Certificate through registered mail or pick it up in person.

Required documents

  • Identity Card (Cédula de Identidad): Obtain from Registro Civil e Identificación.
  • Proof of Address: Utility bill or an official document showing your residential address.
  • Birth Certificate: Obtain from Registro Civil e Identificación.
  • Additional forms or declarations as per the specific requirements listed on DGMN.

Providers that can do it for you

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Additional details

  • Processing times may vary depending on the volume of applications.
  • Some individuals might require additional verification if their records are incomplete.
  • For women, regulations may differ slightly; it’s advisable to check the latest DGMN guidelines.
  • Contact DGMN or local Chilean consulates for any specific queries or assistance.


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