Efficient Chilean Passport Renewal Service for Expats & Travelers

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What is it?

This service facilitates the renewal of your Chilean passport, ensuring that all the necessary steps are completed efficiently and correctly. From filling out applications to securing appointments, we handle all aspects of the renewal process for you.

Who needs it?

This service is ideal for Chilean citizens whose passports are nearing expiration or have already expired. It is particularly helpful for frequent travelers, expatriates, and anyone looking to avoid the complexities and long waiting times associated with the passport renewal process.


  1. Contact our service to start your passport renewal process.
  2. Gather all required documents as per our detailed guidelines.
  3. Fill out the renewal application form accurately.
  4. Schedule an appointment at the passport office through our service.
  5. Attend your appointment with all the necessary documents.
  6. Wait for passport processing and receive your renewed passport.

Required documents

    • Current expired or expiring passport
    • National Identification Card (Cedula)
    • Proof of residence (utility bill, lease agreement, etc.)
    • Passport-sized photographs
    • Completed application form
    • Payment receipt of the processing fee

Providers that can do it for you

(We are currently curating the best providers. If you are or know a provider, please contact us or edit the page directly)


Additional details

    • Passport processing times may vary. It’s recommended to start the renewal process at least six months before expiration.
    • Ensure all your documents are up-to-date and accurate to avoid delays.
    • For more information on passport types and designs, visit the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.
    • Expedited services may be available for urgent travel needs.


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