Disability Certificate Service in Colombia - Steps and Requirements

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What is it?

The Disability Certificate in Colombia is an official document issued by the government to individuals with disabilities. This certificate recognizes the disability officially and provides access to various government benefits, healthcare services, financial discounts, and special accommodations.

Who needs it?

The Disability Certificate service is ideal for Colombian residents or citizens with physical, mental, or sensory disabilities who require official recognition and wish to access the associated government benefits. It is also suitable for families of disabled individuals seeking support and those aiming for educational and employment accommodations.


  1. Schedule an appointment with a medical professional authorized to diagnose disabilities.
  2. Obtain a detailed medical report specifying the nature and extent of the disability.
  3. Submit the medical report, along with identification documents, to the designated government office or health authority.
  4. Undergo an evaluation process which may include further examinations or interviews.
  5. Wait for the official decision and issuance of the Disability Certificate.

Required documents

  • Valid identification (Passport or National ID)
  • Detailed medical report from an authorized healthcare provider
  • Application form (available at local government offices or online)
  • Recent photographs
  • Proof of residence (utility bill, lease agreement)

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Additional details

  • Ensure that the medical professional providing the report is recognized and accredited.
  • The evaluation process may include interviews and additional medical assessments.
  • Processing times can vary; it’s advisable to follow up regularly with the issuing authority.
  • The certificate must be renewed periodically; check with local authorities for specific timelines and requirements.
  • Disability certificates can aid in receiving financial assistance, accessible housing, and inclusive education opportunities.


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