Register for SISBEN in Colombia - Easy Step-by-Step Guide

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What is it?

SISBEN (Sistema de Identificación de Potenciales Beneficiarios de Programas Sociales) in Colombia is a database system that identifies individuals and families in need of social services and subsidies. It ranks citizens based on socio-economic criteria to ensure that government aid is directed to those who need it the most. SISBEN serves as a vital tool for the efficient allocation of resources and social welfare services, such as healthcare, education, and housing programs.

Who needs it?

The ideal customer profile for SISBEN registration includes Colombian residents experiencing economic difficulties, low-income households, unemployed individuals, and families needing access to government assistance programs. It also serves single parents, students seeking financial aid for education, and individuals requiring healthcare benefits. Essentially, any Colombian citizen or legal resident who qualifies for social assistance can benefit from registering for SISBEN.


  1. Visit your local SISBEN office to receive initial guidance and requirements.
  2. Complete the pre-registration form provided by the office.
  3. Submit the completed form along with required documents (listed below) to the office.
  4. Await the scheduled home visit by SISBEN officials for socio-economic evaluation.
  5. After the visit, the information is processed, and your SISBEN score is assigned.
  6. Check your SISBEN score online or at the local office once processing is complete.
  7. Use your SISBEN score to apply for relevant social programs.

Required documents

  • National ID (Cédula de Ciudadanía for adults or Tarjeta de Identidad for minors): Obtain from the National Registry Office.
  • Proof of residence (Utility bill or rental agreement): Obtain from your utility provider or landlord.
  • Proof of income (Salary slips or employment letter): Obtain from your employer.
  • Birth certificates for all household members: Obtain from the National Registry Office.
  • Enrollment certificates for school-going children: Obtain from the respective educational institution.

Providers that can do it for you

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Additional details

  • The SISBEN score ranges from 0 to 100, determining eligibility for various programs.
  • Regularly update your information at the SISBEN office to maintain accurate records.
  • Additional visits by SISBEN officials may occur to ensure data accuracy.
  • The process for minors involves the parent or guardian’s participation.


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