How to Complete Entry into Death Register in Croatia

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What is it?

Entry into the death register is an administrative procedure performed following the death of an individual. The process involves recording the person’s death in the municipality where the death occurred.

Who needs it?

Any apartment dwelling or immediate family member of a deceased person, either Croatian citizens or individuals who die within Croatia, are responsible for reporting the death and completing the entry into the death register.


  1. Obtain the Death Certificate from the authorized hospital or medical facility where the person passed away.
  2. Take the Death Certificate to the local Registry Office in the municipality where the deceased lived or the death occurred.
  3. The Registry office will then register the death in the Official Death Register.
  4. Request certified copies of the death entry if necessary, as they may be needed for legal and administrative purposes.

Required Documents

  • Death Certificate

  • Personal identification of the person reporting the death (Passport/ ID)

  • Details of the deceased (such as full name, date of birth, residency details)

    Note: All original documents must be taken to the Registry Office for verification. If the documents are in a language other than Croatian, they should be officially translated and notarized.

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Additional details

Completing the entry into the death register is essential as it officially records the decedent’s departure and aids in the execution of their will and estate. It is also recommended to keep multiple copies of the certified death entry to handle any future complications or needs.

Please note that the actual process and requirements might vary slightly based on the specific region or municipality in Croatia. Always check with the local municipality office or civic center to receive the most accurate and current information.


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