Guide: Registering Your Marriage in Croatia - Steps & Documents

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What is it?

Getting married in Croatia requires that you officially register your marriage. This is a legal process which involves several steps and requires specific documents.

Who needs it?

Couples who have decided to get married in Croatia, or individuals who have married abroad and now wish to have their marriage officially acknowledged in Croatia.


  1. Collect necessary documents. This includes birth certificates, proof of marital status, and other required documents.
  2. Get the required documents officially translated into Croatian.
  3. Given that the marriage occurred abroad, it is necessary to authenticate these documents. This can typically be done at an apostille or at the relevant Croatian embassy in the country the marriage took place.
  4. Go to the competent local municipal office in Croatia responsible for registering marriages.
  5. Submit the necessary documents and pay the required fee.

Required Documents

  1. Birth Certificates.
  2. Divorce Decree if previously married.
  3. Death Certificate if previous spouse is deceased.
  4. Proof of martial status.
  5. Valid passport or other form of identification.
  6. Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage, often obtained from your local embassy.
  7. All the documents need to be translated into Croatian.

Providers that can do it for you

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Additional details

It is important to note that timelines and cost can vary depending on availability of the necessary documents and speed of the administrative process. It is recommended to reach out to the Ministry of Public Administration or your local municipal office for more details on the process, required documents and fee. Please be aware some offices may require all documents to be apostilled, which could add to the timeline and cost.


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