Get Mandatory Health Insurance in Croatia for Residents & Expats

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What is it?

Health insurance in Croatia protects you from high, unexpected health costs. It is mandatory for all residents, including students and expatriates.

Who needs it?

Every resident, domestic or foreign, in Croatia needs health insurance. This includes students studying in Croatia, Croatians living abroad (the diaspora), working professionals, and any foreign nationals in Croatia.


  1. Visit the Croatian Health Insurance Fund (known as HZZO). Their official website here
  2. Submit the required documents (listed in the section below).
  3. Pay the health insurance premium as required. The value may vary depending on your status (student, professional, etc).
  4. Await approval of your health insurance.

Required Documents

  • Proof of identity (Passport or national ID)
  • Residence proof in Croatia (Residential address proof)
  • Financial documents (showing your ability to pay for your insurance)
  • Student ID (If you’re a student)
  • Work Permit (If applicable)

Please note, some documents may vary as per requirements of health insurance providers.

Providers that can do it for you

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Additional details

Ensure that your health insurance is always active, and it covers your needs, especially when in need of medical attention or hospitalization. Some pharmacies may decline service if your health insurance is not valid, while hospital costs without insurance can be notably high.

Additionally, different rules could apply for European Union (EU) citizens. It is recommended to check with the health insurance provider about the same.


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