How to Register Your Stay as a Tourist in Croatia - A Guide

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What is it?

The registration of tourists stay is a mandatory procedure required by the Croatian authorities for foreign nationals visiting the country as tourists. This ensures the government has an accurate record of tourist stays and understand who is visiting the country, providing both security and valuable statistical data.

Who needs it?

The procedure is required for any non-national visiting Croatia, including tourists and individuals on business trips.


  1. Upon arrival in Croatia, you must register your stay within 48 hours. This can be done either by your host (hotel, Airbnb, etc.), your travel agency, or directly by you.
  2. If you are staying at a popular accommodation service, they will likely register your stay for you.
  3. If staying privately or your host does not provide this service, you will need to visit the local police station to register yourself.
  4. You will need to provide your personal identification information, and details of your stay, including the location of your accommodation.
  5. A receipt of registration will be given after the process. Please keep it with you throughout your stay in Croatia.

Required Documents

  • Passport or other recognized identity document.
  • Proof of accommodation (such as a lease or rental agreement, the hotel booking confirmation).

Providers that can do it for you

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Additional details

  • Note that failure to properly register your stay can lead to fines or even expulsion from the country. In addition, it’s considered a security measure, so not complying could attract unnecessary attention from law enforcement.
  • It’s also advised to carry the receipt of registration in case it’s requested by any authority during your stay.


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