Steps to Replace a Lost Croatian ID Card: Detailed Guide

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What is it?

The process of reporting and applying for a new identification card after losing the original one. It involves informing the authorities about the missing ID and filling out the necessary forms to get a replacement.

Who needs it?

Anyone who has lost their Croatian ID card and needs a replacement.


  1. Realize and Confirm that your ID card is missing.

  2. Visit the nearest police station.

  3. Report the loss to the police.

  4. Fill out the necessary forms and provide certain documents (detailed below).

  5. Submit the application and pay the required fee.

  6. Wait for the ID card to be issued and sent to your address.

  7. Collect your new ID card.

    Note: It’s illegal not to report a lost ID card, and not having an ID card can make it difficult to travel, prove your identity, or carry out official tasks.

Required Documents

  1. Proof of Identity (could be a passport or driver’s license)
  2. Proof of Address (a utility bill or bank statement)

Providers that can do it for you

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Additional Details

  • It is important to report a lost ID as soon as possible to prevent potential identity theft or fraud.
  • The process could take several weeks, so it’s advisable to start it immediately after realizing that your ID is missing.
  • While you’re waiting for the new ID card, remember to carry another form of identification with you.


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