Comprehensive Guide to Vehicle Registration in Croatia

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What is it?

Vehicle registration in Croatia is a mandatory procedure that officially records a vehicle under an individual’s ownership. It involves necessary inspections, documentation, and fees.

Who needs it?

Everyone who owns a vehicle in Croatia, or imports a car from another country to Croatia, for personal or business use, needs to register the vehicle.


  1. Inspect vehicle: To register a vehicle in Croatia, it must first undergo a technical inspection to ensure it complies with safety and environmental standards.

  2. Buy Insurance: Obtain compulsory third-party liability insurance from an insurance provider for the vehicle you wish to register. You can typically choose between a variety of insurance companies for this.

  3. Submit necessary documents: You need to submit the required documents and proof of obtaining the necessary insurance to the nearest Croatian police station in the department of vehicle registration.

  4. Pay necessary fees: After submitting all the required documents, you need to pay the necessary registration fees. They are calculated based on the vehicle’s horsepower, category, age, and ecological class.

  5. Receive license plates: Once everything is submitted and the fees are paid, the registered plate and vehicle documents are issued.

Required Documents

-Certificate of Technical Inspection -Proof of insurance purchase -Proper personal identification such as an ID card or passport -Proof of ownership for the vehicle

Providers that can do it for you

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Additional details

Please be aware that if you delay your scheduled technical inspection more than 15 days, you will need to pay an extra fee.

If you are importing a car, additional costs and fees may apply like VAT, customs, CO2 tax, plus the regular registration costs. Always consider this in the total cost of importing.

Visiting numerous online forums for local experiences and advice could provide some additional insights.

The registration period in Croatia is for a one year, and it is allowed to register your car 60 days before the license plates expire.


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