Change ID Card Information: Process and Requirements Guide

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What is it?

The application for change of data in the ID card is a necessary process when personal information changes or the ID card has errors that need correcting.

Who needs it?

This service is necessary for individuals who have moved to a new location, changed their name or other personal information, or spotted errors in their ID card that need fixing.


  1. Gather all necessary documents that prove your identity and the change that has been made (see “Required Documents” section).
  2. Go to the local authorities or municipality where you reside.
  3. Check with them regarding the process for applying for a change of data in the ID card. The process may vary depending on the exact location.
  4. Complete the required forms or applications with accurate information.
  5. Submit your application along with the necessary documents.
  6. Pay the requisite fee, if applicable.
  7. Wait for the authorities to process your request and issue your new ID card.

Required Documents

  • Your original ID card.
  • Proof of the change (e.g., legal name change document, new address proof).

Note: Always check with your local authorities for a comprehensive list of documents that may be required.

Providers that can do it for you

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Additional details

Some countries may allow changes to be made online or via mail, check with your local authority to find out the specific procedure for your location. Always protect your personal data and only share it with verified entities and for necessary purposes. Consult local laws for more guidance on this aspect.

Note: This information may vary depending on the specific location and regulations. Always cross-verify with the local authorities.


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