Employer Health Insurance Registration in Czech Republic Guide

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What is it?

Employer registration for health insurance in Czech Republic involves the enrollment of employees under the employer for the state-run health insurance program. This ensures that the employees are covered and are receiving adequate health care.

Who needs it?

This registration process is for businesses and employers in Czech Republic who have staff that need to be under Czech public health insurance.


  1. Determine whether your employees are eligible for public health insurance. This pertains to their residential status in Czech Republic. Employees with permanent residence or those residing for more than 3 months are typically eligible.
  2. Register your business at the regional branch of the District Social Security Administration (OSSZ). Online registration is also possible through their portal.
  3. Complete the employer registration form (known as the “Prijimaci protokol”) provided by the Czech Social Security Administration.
  4. Register your employees for health insurance using the registration form for insured persons (known as the “Prijimaci listina”).
  5. Submit these forms along with other required documents to the OSSZ by mail or in person.
  6. Ensure ongoing payment of the health insurance contributions. The current rate stands at 13.5% of the employee’s gross wages (9% paid by an employee and 4.5% paid by an employer).

Required Documents

  1. Employer registration form (Prijimaci protokol) available at the OSSZ website (https://www.cssz.cz/en/forms )
  2. Registration form for insured persons (Prijimaci listina).
  3. Confirmation of commercial or other activities (for employers who are businesses).
  4. For foreign employers without a registered office or place of business in the Czech Republic, a document proving the legal reason for staying in the Czech Republic and documents on their employees are needed.

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Additional details

The Czech Republic’s health insurance system is mandatory; thus, it’s the employer’s responsibility to register their employees not later than the 8th day from the day when the insurance begins.

In cases where a foreign employer does not have a registered office nor place of business, they must assign a representative who is responsible for fulfilling duties related to health insurance regulations.

If an employer fails to provide insurance, they will be held financially responsible for any incurred health expenses. Moreover, they may be subjected to a fine or penalty by the state.

The health insurance fee is divided between the employer and the employee - the employer pays 4.5% of the gross income, while the employee covers 9%.

These procedures and requirements may also apply to self-employed individuals or freelancers, with slight variations in the process. Always verify specific conditions and rules with the related authority or a legal advisor.


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