Employer Registration for Social Insurances in Czech Republic

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What is it?

Employer registration for social insurances is a mandatory process for companies in the Czech Republic. These contributions help to fund health insurance, social security, and employment policy programs for employees.

Who needs it?

All businesses operating in the Czech Republic that have employees are required to register for social insurance.


  1. Obtain your business identification number (IČO) by registering your business with the Register of Trade or the Commercial Register.
  2. Complete the registration form for the social insurance available here .
  3. Submit the completed form at the District Social Security Administration (Okresni sprava socialniho zabezpeceni or OSSZ). Locate your local OSSZ office here .
  4. Registration should be completed within 8 days of commencing business activities.

Please note that contributions to social insurances should be made monthly and it’s advisable to check relevant regulations frequently to stay updated.

Required Documents

  • Identification document
  • Business registration certificate
  • Completed registration form from the Czech Social Security Administration

Providers that can do it for you

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Additional details

  • The rates for social insurance contributions change every year. Keep up to date using this link .
  • The employer is obliged to pay contributions for sickness insurance for an employee only if the employee is part of the sickness insurance scheme.
  • You can be fined if you fail to register for social insurance.
  • Foreign businesses with Czech employees may also need to register. It’s advised to seek legal advice in these cases to ensure compliance.


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