Get Your Single Status Certificate in Ecuador Easily

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What is it?

A Single Status Certificate is an official document issued by the Ecuadorian government that verifies an individual is currently unmarried. This certificate is required for various legal purposes, such as marriage, divorce proceedings, and immigration applications.

Who needs it?

The ideal customer for this service includes individuals planning to marry in Ecuador, those undergoing divorce proceedings, or people required to prove their single status for immigration purposes. It is particularly beneficial for expats, foreign residents in Ecuador, and Ecuadorians living abroad.


  1. Visit your local Civil Registry Office or Consulate.
  2. Request the Single Status Certificate application form.
  3. Complete the form with accurate details.
  4. Submit the completed form along with required documents.
  5. Pay the processing fee.
  6. Wait for the processing time, usually ranging from a few days to a week.
  7. Collect your Single Status Certificate from the office or receive it via mail if applicable.

Required documents

  • Valid passport or national ID: Obtainable from your country’s issuing authority.
  • Birth certificate: Available from the registrar’s office in your birthplace.
  • Proof of residence in Ecuador: Recent utility bills or rental agreements.
  • Affidavit of single status: This statement can usually be prepared with the help of a notary public.
  • Processing fee: Confirm the exact amount with the Civil Registry Office.

Providers that can do it for you

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Additional details

  • The Single Status Certificate must be apostilled (authenticated) if used abroad.
  • Translations may be required if the certificate is to be used in a non-Spanish-speaking country.
  • Processing times can vary, so plan ahead to ensure timely receipt of the document.
  • For urgent needs, some services offer expedited processing at an additional cost.
  • Check with the local consulate for any additional requirements specific to your situation.


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