Birth Declaration in France: Procedure and Required Documents

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What is it?

A birth declaration in France is a formal procedure that involves acknowledging the birth of a child to the civil authorities in France.

Who needs it?

This procedure is essential for any parent who has given birth in France.


  1. The birth must be declared in the town where the child was born within 5 days after the day of birth.
  2. You need to go to the Civil Registry Office (Office de l’état civil) of the city hall (Mairie) to make the declaration.
  3. Your identification and evidence of the birth (as provided by the doctor or midwife) will be necessary.

Required Documents

You will need the following documents for the birth declaration:

  • Proof of identity of both parents.
  • Certificate of delivery provided by the doctor or midwife who witnessed the birth.
  • Acknowledgement if done before the birth.
  • Your family record book (Livre de famille), if you have one.
  • If applicable, a copy of the marital contract or notarial deed of declaration of joint custody or single declaration of choice or country of the common-law attachment.

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Additional details

  • If the fifth day after the birth is a Saturday, a Sunday, a holiday, or a day ordinarily nonworking, the period is extended until the first following working day.
  • If you do not declare the birth yourself, the doctor or midwife who attended the birth, a relative or any person in charge of your household, can do it on your behalf.
  • The birth certificate will then be delivered following the official registration of the birth.


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