Death Declaration in France: Steps, Documents, and Providers

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What is it?

A death declaration is a formal notification of someone’s death to the authorities. In France, this procedure starts with a Medical Certificate of Death, followed by a report to the civil registry at the town hall in the place of death.

Who needs it?

The close relatives or the people in charge of the funeral arrangements of the deceased need to make a death declaration. It is also a requirement for persons who need to settle the deceased’s estate or any related legal matters.


  1. Have a medic/doctor issue a Medical Certificate of Death which certifies the occurrence of the death.
  2. Take the Medical Certificate of Death to the city hall of the place of death within 24 hours. If the death occurred in a hospital or a similar institution, the institution might carry out these procedures on your behalf.
  3. Fill out the death declaration form provided by the city hall. This will require the deceased’s full name, date and place of birth, and address.
  4. Once the declaration has been processed by the city hall, they will issue an official Death Certificate.

Required Documents

  • Medical Certificate of Death - Typically provided by the physician who confirms the death.
  • Deceased’s Identification (ID card, passport or residence permit)
  • Information about the deceased’s civil status and address
  • Information about the parents of the deceased (If available)

Providers that can do it for you

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Additional details

In most cases, the process must be carried out by a relative of the deceased or by a person possessing the legal authority or responsibility to do so. If the death occurred due to violence, accident, suicide or in suspicious circumstances, the police must be notified, and they will then inform the public prosecutor. The Death Certificate issued will be needed for most of the administrative procedures related to the death (funeral, change of civil status, bank, insurance, etc.).


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