Convert Foreign Driver's License to Local Standard: Steps & Guide

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What is it?

The service involves converting a foreign driver’s license to a local standard. Usually, it involves submitting required documents, possibly a driving/eye test, and paying the relevant conversion fees.

Who needs it?

Expats or anyone moving to United States or Germany from another country who plan to drive.


  1. Confirm whether the foreign driver’s license can be converted without a driving test. Some countries have agreements that allow straightforward conversion.
  2. Prepare the necessary documents for the foreign driver’s license conversion application.
  3. Apply for a conversion in the local driving license issuing authority.
  4. Pay necessary conversion fees.
  5. If required, prepare and take the driving or eye test.

Required Documents

  • Foreign driving license.
  • Document translation (from certified translator if the foreign license is not in the language of the conversion country).
  • Passport or verification of identity.
  • Application form for driver’s license conversion.

Providers that can do it for you

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Additional details

In Germany, holders of Turkish and EU driving licenses can be directly converted. For licenses from other places such as United States, the holder has to take a theoretical and practical exam after attending driving lessons. In the United States, conversion processes vary by states. Some states may require you to take a written and/or driving test, while others may simply exchange your foreign license for an American one after checking your documents and eyesight. Always remember to check the rules and regulations of the specific state you are moving to.


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