Anmeldung in Germany: Residence Registration Guide

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What is it?

Registering your residence, or “Anmeldung” is a legal requirement in Germany for everyone – both Germans and foreigners – who are living in the country for more than just a few months. The process involves declaring your regular, fixed abode to the local government.

Who needs it?

Any individual who plans to stay in Germany for more than just a few weeks. This includes students, employees, business persons and even the unemployed.


  1. Find a residence: Before you can register, you need a fix address. This includes rental contracts or a signed affirmation from the owner of the place where you will be staying.

  2. Book an appointment: Depending on the city you live in, you may need to book an appointment. Visit the Bürgeramt (or Burgerburo) of your city online to book an appointment. For instance, in Berlin, appointments can be booked online via .

  3. Prepare Document: Gather all required documents before your appointment and make sure they are in order. It is important to carry originals for verification purposes.

  4. Visit the local authorities: On the day of your appointment, go to the Bürgeramt of your district.

  5. Fill in and submit Anmeldung form: The form is just a single page and you need to fill it out. If you don’t understand German, you may want to bring someone with you who does.

Required Documents

  • Valid passport or ID card
  • Rental contract or confirmation from the homeowner (In the case you can’t find this, you might alternatively use a letter by the homeowner)
  • Completed registration form (Anmeldung form )

Providers that can do it for you

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Additional details

  • You cannot be registered in two places in Germany at once. You must designate one primary residence.
  • You have to register within a week or two weeks of arrival, depending on the city.
  • Failing to register or late registration might result in a fine.
  • Anmelding gives you proof of residence, which is usually needed for things like opening a bank account, getting a sim card, etc.


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