A Complete Guide to Getting Married in Hungary: Procedures & Tips

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What is it?

Getting married in Hungary involves both a civil and a church ceremony. To legalize the union, the couple must undergo a civil ceremony conducted by the Municipality. They can opt to have a church ceremony afterward.

Who needs it?

This guide is ideal for Hungarian citizens, residents, and foreigners who wish to get married in Hungary.


  1. Notify the local government office: This should be done at least 30 days before the intended marriage date. You can find the list of local government offices here .

  2. Submit Required Documents: You need to provide all the necessary documents (listed below) to the local government office.

  3. Civil Ceremony: Schedule a date for the civil ceremony that will legalize the marriage.

Required Documents

  • Proof of identity (birth certificate, passport, or residence permit).
  • If one or both of you are not Hungarian citizens, you must provide a Certificate of No Impediment to prove that you are legally free to marry. This can be obtained from your country’s embassy in Hungary.

Providers that can do it for you

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Additional details

  • The procedure may vary slightly for foreigners or non-residents. Hence, it is advised to consult with the local government office or a legal advisor familiar with Hungarian marriage laws.
  • Once the civil ceremony is completed, you can then proceed with religious or other ceremonial traditions as you wish. But remember, only the civil procedure is legally binding in Hungary.
  • Consider having the documents translated into Hungarian to prevent any communication misunderstandings.


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