Birth Declaration in Italy: Procedure and Required Documents

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What is it?

A Birth Declaration is a mandatory procedure to register newborns in Italy. This registration establishes the legal identity of the child and confirms their Italian nationality.

Who needs it?

The birth declaration is usually done by the parents or other legal representatives of a newborn child, born in or to an Italian resident.


  1. The birth of the child should be declared at the Vital Statistics Office (or Ufficio di Stato Civile) of the town/city where the child was born usually within 3 to 10 days of birth.
  2. The person declaring the birth needs to provide the Certificato di Nascita (Birth Certificate) issued by the maternity ward.
  3. The official will fill out the official Birth Declaration form (Dichiarazione di Nascita)
  4. The form along with the required documents will be verified by the registrar.
  5. Once all the documents are verified, the registrar will register the birth in the Birth Register and issue an official Italian birth certificate (Estratto di Nascita).

Required Documents

  • Certificato di Nascita (Birth Certificate) obtained from the maternity ward
  • Parents’ identification documents

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Additional details

  • After the birth is registered in the Birth Register, the office of vital statistics will note this event in the Family Status Certificate (Certificato di Stato di Famiglia).
  • In case the parents are unable to register the birth, the health worker who assisted the birth or any other person who has knowledge of the birth can declare it.
  • Failure to declare birth within the laid out period may lead to penalties.


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