Disability Pension: Financial Assistance for Disabled Individuals

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What is it?

A Disability Pension is financial assistance provided to individuals who live with physical or mental disability and are unable to work because of this disability.

Who needs it?

This service is required by individuals who have chronic illnesses, permanent disabilities, or serious health conditions that prevent them from earning a sufficient living.


  1. Go to the INPS website .
  2. Register a personal account on the website.
  3. Apply for the Disability Pension by selecting the appropriate form.
  4. Fill out all the required information, which includes personal details and details about your health condition.
  5. Attach required documents such as medical certificates, proof of income and others.
  6. Submit the application and wait for its approval.

Required Documents

  • Identification documents.
  • Detailed medical report stating the nature of disability.
  • Tax return or any other proof of previous income.
  • The Mod. S1 form for people living abroad.

Providers that can do it for you

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Additional details

It’s important to know that as a recipient, you may need to pay Italian tax on US Social Security. Also, take note of the restrictions in place regarding living overseas, make sure to understand these thoroughly before proceeding with your application in order to avoid future complications. Be prepared for a process that may involve extensive procedural requirements and can sometimes be time-consuming. It is suggested to seek professional advice if possible.


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