How to Register a Civil Association in Mexico - Guide & Steps

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What is it?

Civil Association Registration in Mexico refers to the legal process of formally establishing a nonprofit organization under Mexican law. This involves drafting a constitutive act, registering with a notary, obtaining required permits, and ensuring compliance with federal and local regulations.

Who needs it?

This service is ideal for social entrepreneurs, community organizers, and philanthropists who wish to establish a nonprofit organization in Mexico to promote social welfare, education, culture, or other community benefits. It is also vital for anyone looking to formalize a group dedicated to charitable or social causes.


  1. Draft the Constitutive Act: Outline the purpose, objectives, and governing structure of your association.
  2. Select a Notary: Reach out to a licensed notary public who can assist with the legal formalities.
  3. Register with Public Registry: Submit necessary documents and the Constitutive Act to the Public Registry of Property and Commerce.
  4. Obtain Permits: Acquire any required permits from relevant local or federal authorities.
  5. Tax Registration: Register your association with the Tax Administration Service (SAT) to obtain tax identification.
  6. Verify Compliance: Ensure that your association complies with all relevant laws and regulations.

Required documents

  • Constitutive Act: Detailed document outlining the association’s purpose, structure, and governance.
  • Member IDs: Official identification for all founding members which can be obtained from your local government office.
  • Proof of Address: Recent utility bill or bank statement to confirm the official address.
  • Notary Fees Payment: Proof of payment for notary public services, fees can vary so inquire with the notary.
  • Tax Forms: Tax registration forms which can be downloaded from the SAT website.

Providers that can do it for you

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Additional details

  • Notary Costs: Fees can vary significantly depending on the complexity of the association and the region; consultations recommended.
  • Timeframe: Process duration may vary but generally takes a few weeks to complete all steps.
  • Legal Assistance: Engaging a legal advisor is recommended to navigate through regulatory requirements smoothly.
  • Public Registry: Different states may have specific requirements; check with the local registry for detailed information.
  • Online Registration: Some states offer online services for parts of the registration process.


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