Construction Permit Request in Mexico – Easy Guidelines

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What is it?

A construction permit request is a mandatory procedure in Mexico that ensures any new construction, modification, or renovation adheres to local laws and regulations. Securing this permit involves submitting detailed plans and fulfilling specific municipal requirements to guarantee safety and compliance with zoning laws.

Who needs it?

This service is essential for property owners, real estate developers, architects, and contractors planning to undertake residential or commercial construction projects in Mexico. Whether you’re a foreign investor, an individual building your home, or a business expanding premises, obtaining a construction permit is a legal necessity.


  1. Gather all necessary documents such as property title, architectural plans, and engineering drawings.
  2. Visit the local municipal office or their official website to obtain the specific requirements.
  3. Submit the required documents along with a completed construction permit application form.
  4. Pay the applicable fees and wait for the local inspector to review and approve the plans.
  5. Once approved, receive the construction permit and begin your project.

Required documents

  • Property Title: Obtainable from the Public Registry of Property.
  • Architectural Plans: Created by a licensed architect.
  • Engineering Drawings: Stamped by a certified engineer.
  • Identification: Government-issued ID or passport.
  • Construction Permit Application Form: Available at the municipal office.

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Additional details

  • Ensure all plans are in accordance with local building codes and zoning laws.
  • In some cases, you may need to obtain additional permits depending on the nature of the construction (e.g., environmental or historical preservation).
  • The process may vary slightly depending on the municipality, so always check local regulations.
  • Prepare for possible inspections during and after construction to ensure compliance.


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