Simple Service to Obtain Mexican Death Certificates Easily

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What is it?

This service helps individuals obtain death certificates issued in Mexico. Whether for personal, legal, or administrative purposes, our service simplifies the process, ensuring you receive the necessary document without the stress of navigating complex bureaucratic systems.

Who needs it?

This service is ideal for those who have lost a loved one in Mexico and need the death certificate for closure, legal processes such as settling estates, arranging funerals, or transferring benefits. It’s especially beneficial for foreign nationals who may find the Mexican administrative process challenging.


  1. Gather required documents including identification and proof of death.
  2. Contact the relevant Civil Registry Office in Mexico where the death was registered.
  3. Submit the necessary application forms and documents either in person or via a representative.
  4. Pay any required fees associated with processing and obtaining the death certificate.
  5. Wait for the processing period as advised by the registry office.
  6. Receive the official death certificate through your preferred method, either mailed or collected in person.

Required documents

  • Government-issued ID (passport or national ID)
  • Proof of relationship to the deceased (birth certificate, marriage certificate)
  • Official death certificate or medical report proving the death
  • Application form for the death certificate request (available at the Civil Registry Office or online)

Providers that can do it for you

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Additional details

  • Some Civil Registry Offices in Mexico allow online applications and payments.
  • Processing times can vary; it’s recommended to check with the specific registry office for details.
  • For foreign nationals, it might be required to translate documents and have them certified by the relevant authorities.
  • You may need the assistance of a local notary or legal representative if you are not in Mexico.


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