Dual Nationality in Mexico - Complete Guide for Expats & Descendants

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What is it?

The nationality request service in Mexico allows individuals to obtain Mexican nationality, either through birthright, descent, marriage, or naturalization. This process is crucial for those seeking dual citizenship or wanting to enjoy the rights and privileges of being a Mexican national.

Who needs it?

The service is ideal for: 1) Individuals of Mexican descent born abroad seeking dual nationality. 2) Foreign spouses of Mexican nationals. 3) Long-term residents of Mexico seeking full citizenship. 4) Descendants of Sephardic Jews with historical ties to Mexico. 5) Expats looking for nationality to enhance their legal status and rights within Mexico.


  1. Confirm eligibility for Mexican nationality based on your circumstances: birthright, descent, marriage, or residency.
  2. Gather necessary documentation including birth certificates, proof of residence, marriage certificates (if applicable), and historical records for Sephardic Jewish descent.
  3. Submit an initial application at your local Mexican consulate or immigration office.
  4. Undergo validation procedures such as background checks and document verification.
  5. Attend a formal nationality ceremony if required by the local authorities.
  6. Receive your official nationality documents.

Required documents

  • Official birth certificate from original country.
  • Proof of Mexican ancestry (if applicable).
  • Marriage certificate authenticated by both countries (if applicable).
  • Proof of address in Mexico.
  • Background checks and legal clearances.
  • Historical records for Sephardic Jewish descent (specific documents vary).

Providers that can do it for you

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Additional details

  • Application processes and requirements may vary slightly by region.
  • Additional legal advice may be required for complex cases.
  • Consider consulting the official Mexican government websites for further details.
  • Processing times can vary; plan accordingly.


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