Get Your No Debt Certificate in Mexico - Step-by-Step Guide

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What is it?

A No Debt Certificate (Carta de No Adeudo) in Mexico is a legal document that verifies that an individual or entity does not have any outstanding debts with financial institutions or other relevant parties. This certificate is often required for various legal or financial transactions, including selling property, applying for loans, or processing inheritances.

Who needs it?

The ideal customer for this service includes individuals or businesses who are in the process of selling property, applying for new credit, managing an inheritance, or undergoing any other legal procedures where proof of no outstanding debts is required. It is particularly essential for those looking to ensure a clean financial slate for transactions or legal documentation.


  1. Identify the financial institutions or entities to obtain debt clearance from.
  2. Collect and submit all necessary personal identification and financial information.
  3. Request the No Debt Certificate from each institution, ensuring all forms are properly filled.
  4. Pay any applicable fees for the certificate issuance.
  5. Wait for the institutions to process and verify your request.
  6. Collect the No Debt Certificate once it is issued.

Required documents

  • Passport or other valid photo ID: Available from the issuing government authority.
  • Proof of residence: Utility bill, lease agreement, or similar document.
  • Financial statements: Detailed records from your bank or financial institution.
  • Completed request form: Obtainable from the specific institution’s website or in-person office.

Providers that can do it for you

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Additional details

  • Make sure to request the No Debt Certificate well in advance to avoid delays in your transactions.
  • Some institutions may allow for online applications, while others may require in-person visits.
  • Be aware of any fees associated with the certificate request to budget accordingly.
  • Having a legal advisor or financial consultant can expedite the process.


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