Health Certificate in Paraguay: Requirements and Procedures

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What is it?

A Health Certificate in Paraguay is a document that verifies an individual’s health status, particularly for infectious diseases like Yellow Fever. It is crucial for ensuring public health safety and is often required for travel, residency, and employment purposes.

Who needs it?

The ideal clients for this service include expats aiming to settle in Paraguay, travelers planning to visit for an extended period, and locals who need certification for work or study. It is especially critical for those from regions where infectious diseases are prevalent.


  1. Schedule a medical examination with a certified healthcare provider in Paraguay.
  2. Undergo required tests and vaccinations, such as the Yellow Fever vaccination.
  3. Collect the medical examination results and vaccination proof from the healthcare provider.
  4. Submit the results and vaccination card to the Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare (Ministerio de Salud Pública y Bienestar Social).
  5. Pay any applicable fees and wait for the processing time.
  6. Receive your Health Certificate from the relevant authorities.

Required documents

  • Passport or valid identification: Obtainable from your home country’s passport office.
  • Proof of residency or visa: Provided by local immigration services.
  • Vaccination records (especially Yellow Fever): Available from certified healthcare providers.
  • Medical examination results: Completed by a licensed doctor in Paraguay.

Providers that can do it for you

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Additional details

  • Yellow Fever vaccination is mandatory for entering Paraguay from certain countries.
  • Health Certificates are often valid for a specific period and may need renewal.
  • For travelers, some airlines may require proof of Yellow Fever vaccination before boarding.
  • Ensure that all medical documents are translated into Spanish, if necessary.


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