Paraguay Identity Card: What You Need to Know and How to Apply

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What is it?

An Identity Card in Paraguay, known as ‘Cédula de Identidad’, is an essential document for proving identity, residence, and legal status within the country. This card is a key requirement for accessing various services, including banking, travel, and government transactions.

Who needs it?

This service is ideal for Paraguayan citizens, residents, and expatriates living in Paraguay who need official identification for accessing services such as banking, voting, and legal procedures. It’s also essential for those looking to establish proof of residence or employment in the country.


  1. Visit the nearest identification office or ‘Registro Civil’ in Paraguay.
  2. Complete the application form for the Cédula de Identidad.
  3. Submit the required documents (listed below).
  4. Pay the applicable fees.
  5. Have your photograph and fingerprints taken.
  6. Wait for the processing period, which can vary depending on the office.
  7. Collect your Identity Card once notified.

Required documents

  • Birth Certificate - Obtainable from the civil registry where you were born. More details .
  • Proof of Residence - Recent utility bills or a residence certificate from the local municipality.
  • Police Clearance Certificate - Can be obtained from the local police station. Steps to obtain .
  • Proof of Employment or Education - Employer letter or school certificate, if applicable.
  • Old Identity Card (if renewing) - The previous Cédula de Identidad.

Providers that can do it for you

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Additional details

  • The application form can often be downloaded and filled out in advance from official government websites.
  • Fees for the Cédula de Identidad can vary; verifying with your local registry office is advised.
  • The standard processing time may range from a few days to several weeks. Expedited options may be available for an additional fee.
  • It’s recommended to check the latest requirements as they may change periodically based on government policies.


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