Paraguayan Passport Guide: How to Apply, Renew, and Replace

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What is it?

A Paraguayan passport is an official travel document issued by the government of Paraguay. It allows Paraguayan citizens to travel abroad and re-enter the country. The passport is essential for international travel and serves as proof of Paraguayan citizenship.

Who needs it?

The ideal customer for this service is any Paraguayan citizen who plans to travel abroad for tourism, work, study, or other purposes. This service is particularly useful for those who are first-time applicants, renewing their expiring passports, or replacing lost/stolen passports, and need guidance on documentation and procedures.


  1. Visit the local Passport Office or the consular section of a Paraguayan embassy if you are abroad.
  2. Fill out the passport application form provided by the Passport Office.
  3. Submit the filled form along with all required documents (listed below).
  4. Pay the applicable passport fee.
  5. Have your biometric data (photograph and fingerprints) captured at the Passport Office.
  6. Await the processing of your application. You may be given a tracking number to check the status.
  7. Once approved, collect your passport or have it mailed to you if that option is available.

Required documents

  • Original and photocopy of Paraguayan National Identity Card (CEDULA).
  • Birth certificate (original and a copy).
  • Proof of residence address.
  • Recent passport-sized photographs meeting the specified requirements.
  • Receipt of payment for the passport fee, which can be paid at authorized payment centers.

Providers that can do it for you

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Additional details

  • The processing time for a Paraguayan passport can vary. Generally, it takes a few weeks.
  • Ensure all documents are in good condition to avoid delays.
  • Check the official government website for the latest updates on visa requirements for various countries for Paraguayan passport holders.


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