Obtain Your Residence Certificate in Paraguay Easily

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What is it?

A Residence Certificate in Paraguay (Certificado de Vida y Residencia) is an official document that proves an individual’s residence status within the country. This certificate is essential for various legal and administrative processes, including obtaining a driver’s license, opening a bank account, or applying for permanent residency.

Who needs it?

This service is ideal for expatriates, digital nomads, freelancers, and anyone planning an extended stay or permanent relocation to Paraguay. It is especially useful for those looking to integrate into local systems, such as opening a bank account, registering for social services, or starting a business.


  1. Visit the local police station in your area of residence.
  2. Provide proof of identity and residency.
  3. Fill out the required application form for the Residence Certificate.
  4. Submit the application along with any required documents.
  5. Pay any applicable fees.
  6. Await verification and processing by local authorities.
  7. Collect your Residence Certificate once it’s ready.

Required documents

  • Valid passport or national ID: Obtain from your home country.
  • Proof of address in Paraguay: This could be a rental agreement or utility bill.
  • Passport-sized photographs: Usually required for identification processes.
  • Completed application form: Available at the local police station.

Providers that can do it for you

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Additional details

  • Processing times can vary, so apply well in advance of any deadlines.
  • If relevant, bring copies of documents in addition to the originals.
  • Some police stations might require you to provide character witnesses or additional documentation.
  • Check for any updated guidelines on the official Paraguayan government website or local police station for the most accurate information.


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