Obtain Your Traffic Background Certificate in Paraguay

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What is it?

The Traffic Background Certificate in Paraguay is a legal document that verifies an individual’s driving history, including any traffic violations or incidents. This certificate is essential for various legal and administrative processes and is often required for driving permissions, car rentals, and job applications within the country.

Who needs it?

Ideal for drivers in Paraguay, expatriates, and foreign nationals who need to validate their traffic record. This service is essential for anyone looking to rent a vehicle, apply for jobs that require a clean driving history, or ensure compliance with local laws and regulations before driving in the country.


  1. Visit the nearest traffic department or municipal office in Paraguay.
  2. Fill out the application form for the Traffic Background Certificate.
  3. Submit the necessary documents, including your ID and driving license.
  4. Pay the requisite fee at the cashier or through an approved payment method.
  5. Wait for the processing period, which can take several days to a week.
  6. Collect your Traffic Background Certificate from the office or receive it via mail, if that option is available.

Required documents

  • Valid Identification (Passport or National ID): Obtainable from your local government office or consulate.
  • Driving License: Issued by the relevant authority in your home country and possibly translated if not in Spanish.
  • Application Form: Available at the traffic department or municipal office.
  • Payment Receipt: Proof of payment, which may require visiting a specific bank or payment center.

Providers that can do it for you

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Additional details

  • Some offices may offer online form submission and payment options, check the official website for more details.
  • Processing times can vary, so plan accordingly if you need the certificate by a certain date.
  • Ensure all documents are in order and accurately filled to avoid delays.
  • Additional local requirements may apply depending on your specific situation.


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