Guide to Applying for Pension in Peru: Eligibility and Process

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What is it?

This service assists individuals in navigating the process of applying for a pension in Peru. Whether you’re planning a move, already living in Peru, or retiring, our guidance ensures you understand every step of the application process, the necessary documents, and any other relevant information to secure your pension benefits.

Who needs it?

Ideal for expatriates moving to Peru, retirees looking to settle in the country, or Peruvian residents needing assistance with their pension applications. Additionally, those unsure whether to choose ONP (Oficina de Normalización Previsional) or AFP (Administradoras de Fondos de Pensiones) will find valuable advice to make informed decisions suitable for their retirement plans.


  1. Determine your eligibility for a pension in Peru.
  2. Decide whether you will apply through ONP or AFP based on your personal financial situation.
  3. Gather all required documents, including identification and employment history documentation.
  4. Submit your application through the appropriate channel (online, in-person at a local office, or through a representative).
  5. Await confirmation of your application and follow up for any additional information requests.
  6. Receive confirmation of your pension benefits and begin receiving payments.

Required documents

  • Official Identification (Passport, DNI)
  • Employment History Records
  • Proof of Residency in Peru
  • Social Security Records (if applicable)
    • Obtain documents from your local municipality, previous employers, or online government portals where possible.

Providers that can do it for you

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Additional details

  • Consider consulting with a financial advisor to decide between ONP and AFP.
  • Stay updated with any changes in pension laws or requirements.
  • Join local online forums or community groups for advice and shared experiences.


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