Tax Compliance Certificate in Peru: Guide & Requirements

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What is it?

A Tax Compliance Certificate in Peru demonstrates that an individual or business is in good standing with tax authorities. This certificate is often required for various official, banking, and business transactions to prove that all tax obligations are met and there are no outstanding payments or issues with the Peruvian tax authorities.

Who needs it?

Ideal for businesses operating in Peru, expatriates working or investing in the country, and Peruvian citizens wishing to engage in official transactions that require proof of tax compliance. Also critical for companies and individuals involved in import/export activities, where regulatory compliance is necessary to avoid delays and penalties.


  1. Register with the Peruvian Tax Authority (SUNAT).
  2. Submit the required application form for the Tax Compliance Certificate.
  3. Provide necessary documentation to support your application.
  4. Await processing and verification of your tax standing by SUNAT.
  5. Receive your Tax Compliance Certificate upon approval.

Required documents

  • Tax Identification Number (RUC): Obtain this from the SUNAT website.
  • Recent Tax Returns: Provide copies of your latest filed tax returns.
  • Payment Receipts: Include evidence of recent tax payments.
  • Identification: A copy of your passport or national ID.
  • Business Registration Documents: For companies, provide incorporation certificates.

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Additional details

  • Processing time may vary; early submission is recommended.
  • The certificate may have a validity period, ensuring prompt renewal.
  • For further assistance, contacting a tax advisor or accountant familiar with Peruvian tax regulations can be beneficial.


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