University Degree Revalidation in Peru: Essential Process Guide

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What is it?

University degree revalidation in Peru is the process of officially recognizing a foreign academic degree so it is considered equivalent to a Peruvian degree. This is essential for professionals who wish to practice their profession, pursue further education, or enhance career opportunities in Peru. The procedure involves verification of the authenticity and equivalence of the educational credentials obtained abroad.

Who needs it?

This service is ideal for expatriates, particularly those from Venezuela and other Latin American countries, who have obtained their university degrees abroad and are now residing in Peru. These individuals may include professionals seeking employment, students aiming for higher education, or anyone needing official recognition of their foreign academic qualifications to advance their career in Peru.


  1. First, obtain a certified copy of your foreign university degree.
  2. Have your academic transcripts and degree documents translated into Spanish by an official translator.
  3. Submit a request for revalidation to the Peruvian university that offers a similar degree program.
  4. Provide all required documents to the university’s revalidation office.
  5. Pay the revalidation processing fee as determined by the university.
  6. Attend any required interviews or examinations as part of the revalidation process.
  7. Wait for the university’s decision and receive the revalidated degree if approved.

Required documents

  • Certified copy of foreign university degree: Obtain from the granting institution.
  • Academic transcripts: Obtain from the foreign university.
  • Official translations into Spanish: Use an authorized translator in Peru.
  • Proof of identification: Valid passport or Peruvian residency card.

Providers that can do it for you

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Additional details

  • Revalidation times vary between universities.
  • There might be an additional apostille requirement for certain documents.
  • Revalidation costs can differ based on the university and specific field of study.
  • Investigate whether your profession requires additional licensing or certification in Peru.


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