Comprehensive Guide to Obtaining a Building Permit

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What is it?

A building permit is an official approval that must be obtained from a local government agency before starting any major construction work. The process generally involves submission of architectural plans and paperwork detailing the scope of the project.

Who needs it?

Anyone who plans to construct, reconstruct, demolish, or change the usage of a building or area requires a building permit. This may include homeowners, property developers, and construction companies.


  1. Prepare a building project. This must include architectural plans, calculations for stability, energy efficiency, and utility connections.
  2. Submit the building project to the Architectural and Building Administration Authority for review and approval.
  3. After receiving approval, you can begin the construction process.
  4. Be prepared for on-site inspections by the designated authority during the construction phase.

Required Documents

  • Architectural plans.
  • Calculations for stability.
  • Calculations for energy efficiency.
  • Calculations for utility connections.
  • Certificate of land ownership.
  • Application form for the permit.

Please note, all the documents must be in Polish or accompanied by a certified translation into Polish.

Providers that can do it for you

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Additional details

  • It is essential to strictly abide by the approved building project during construction. Any deviations could result in penalties or revocation of the building permit.
  • Timeframes for obtaining a permit can vary. It is advisable to begin the process well ahead of the planned construction start date.
  • Non-Polish citizens can apply for a building permit but there might be additional requirements or longer timelines.
  • In case of objections by neighbors or other parties, the procedure of obtaining a building permit may get delayed. It is advisable to keep neighbors informed about your plans where possible.
  • The permit is usually valid for three years, within which the construction process should start.


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