Birth Registration Abroad: Procedures for Poland and Germany

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What is it?

Birth registration involves the official recording of a child’s birth by the government. When a child is born abroad, parents can register the birth in their countries of citizenship to ensure the child has proper legal documentation from their home country. This post will cover the procedures for registering a child’s birth in Poland and Germany.

Who needs it?

This procedure is necessary for citizens of Poland and Germany who have children born abroad and want to register their child’s birth with the home country’s government.


  1. Polish birth registration procedure: contact your local national office via the e-mail or phone number provided on their website. Inform the officer about the situation and ask for further instruction based on your circumstances. Polish National Office Website
  2. German birth registration procedure: You need to inform your local Standesamt (Registrar’s Office) of the birth. If you’re not residing in Germany, you can contact the German mission (embassy or consulate) closest to you. German Registrar’s Office Website

Required Documents

For both registrations, you should prepare:

  • Parents’ passports
  • Parents’ birth certificates
  • Parents’ marraige certificate (if applicable)
  • Child’s birth certificate issued by the country of birth.

Remember, the documents might need to be translated into German or Polish and notarized.

Providers that can do it for you

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Additional details

Please note that the procedures and document requirements can vary, and it is always best to directly contact the respective office for the most accurate information. Check to ensure whether the country of child’s birth allows dual citizenship as this might affect the registration process.


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