Guide to IRS Anexo C for Self-Employed in Portugal - 2023

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What is it?

IRS Anexo C is a supplementary form that self-employed individuals in Portugal must submit along with their annual IRS (Imposto sobre o Rendimento das Pessoas Singulares) tax returns. This form captures detailed information about income earned from self-employment, specific expenses, and other relevant financial data.

Who needs it?

Self-employed professionals and business owners in Portugal who have earned an income from self-employment activities during the tax year must submit Anexo C with their IRS tax return.


  1. Collect Necessary Information

    • Gather all receipts and documents related to your self-employment income and expenses for the tax year.
  2. Log into the Tax Portal

  3. Navigate to the IRS Submission Section

    • Select the option for submitting your IRS return.
  4. Select the Appropriate Form

    • Choose the form that corresponds to your income type, and attach Anexo C.
  5. Fill Out Anexo C

    • Complete all relevant fields. This includes detailing all self-employment income, allowable expenses, and any other requested information.
  6. Double-Check for Errors

    • Review all entered information to ensure accuracy. Look out for common errors, particularly in quadro (section) allocations.
  7. Submit the Return

    • Once you are confident all details are correct, submit your IRS return with Anexo C attached.
  8. Monitor Submission Status

    • Regularly check the portal for updates on the validation and processing status of your submission. If there are issues, rectify them promptly.

Required Documents

  • Income Receipts: Proof of all earned income from self-employment.
  • Expense Receipts: Documentation for deductible expenses related to your self-employment activities.
  • Identification Documents: Personal identification such as Citizen Card or Taxpayer ID.

Providers that can do it for you

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Additional details

  • Validation Wait Times: Be aware that the validation of submitted IRS Anexo C forms can sometimes take over 17 days, as mentioned in user experiences.
  • Common Errors: Ensure that you do not encounter error 029W regarding quadro 8. This can cause submissions to fail validation and require resubmission.
  • Portal Alerts: Pay attention to alerts and messages from the tax portal to ensure you address any required actions promptly.


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