Comprehensive Guide to Vehicle Registration in Slovakia

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What is it?

Vehicle Registration in Slovakia refers to the process of officially registering a vehicle under an owner’s name in Slovakia, whether the vehicle is new, used or imported.

Who needs it?

Any person who purchases a new or used vehicle, or imports a vehicle, in Slovakia needs to perform a vehicle registration.


  1. Buy the vehicle and ensure all documents are provided by the seller.
  2. Apply for a registration document in the district office where you are resident in Slovakia. (For foreigners, residence registration is required before vehicle registration)
  3. Pay the registration tax.
  4. Take the vehicle for an inspection at an authorized technical service to obtain a technical certificate (Technický preukaz).
  5. Wait for the processing of vehicle registration. It might take few days to a week.

Required Documents

  1. Proof of ownership of the vehicle: Usually a sale and purchase agreement
  2. Proof of identity: A Passport or ID card
  3. Proof of residence: Registration of Residence for foreigners
  4. Technical certificate: Obtained from an authorized technical service after the vehicle passes the inspection

Providers that can do it for you

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Additional details

  • Note that imported vehicles may have additional costs related to the differences in standards or emission norms.
  • There is an annual vehicle tax which needs to be paid based on the place of residence of the owner, the size, type, and age of the vehicle.
  • After registration, the owner is provided with a registration number, which is to be displayed on the number plate, and a document that serves as proof of registration.
  • The vehicle registration will need to be renewed periodically.
  • You must not live in Slovakia with a car registered in another country beyond the permitted duration (usually 183 days). If you do, you’ll be considered a tax resident in Slovakia and required to register the vehicle there.


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